Nurture Massage Therapy
Breathe * Relax * Heal

About the Practitioner


Sheri Mueller

Certified Massage Therapist


  • Massage Therapy Institute Davis, California

          100 hours inital training October 2007

          Tai Chi Massage Feburary 2008

          Theraputic Hot Stone Therapy April 2008

         50 hours Anatomical Kinesiology April 2008

          Thai Massage for the Table March 2009

          Classic Deep Tissue September 2009

    Cranial Sacral Balancing September 2012

  • Healing Arts Institute, Roseville, CA

         Raindrop Therapy August 2010

         Myofacial Release of the Neck & Shoulders February 2011

  • State of California, Certified Massage Practitioner #32988

          April 2012

  • John F. Barns' Myofascial Release 1

          February 2014

My philosophy is about listening to the clients needs and tailoring my massage to fit those needs. 

I do what I do because I enjoy working with people. But even more than working with people I receive a balance in my life.  It is a part of my life that makes me whole.